That’s Not A Knife

You know the crazed look on a dog’s face when a steak is within nose shot? A worm-motivated duckling is no different and its enchantment is more wondrous than Don Quixotes.

Long gone is the timidity of two days ago, as the ducklings now come running when they see me and jump inches into the air to snag wiggly protein snacks out my fingers.

While doing this an idea donned on me; why not make a worm farm!?

An Australian Crocodile Dundee-attired woman on YouTube later told me, “Absolute gold for yo gah-den.” There are two ways; a bucket with large holes in it with compost buried in the ground, or a self-contained system with holes on the bottom for worms to escape in extreme heat or cold, and straw and compost.

I have a prototype in the works.

Did you know the white band on a worm is called the “clitellum” and slips off like a belt? The belt is a small cocoon that fills with eggs and sperms and is how the baby worms form.

Side note: I was quite the cook today; blueberry cobbler, chicken soup, and kettle corn.

Over lunch, Dave and I both discussed feeling meh – “ennui” is the word he used. He feels guilty for feeling like that because he thinks he shouldn’t, whereas I want to shake things up by doing something impulsive.

Funny how we can feel the same way but not.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Thanks for dropping by; I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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