Dream A Little Dream

“I want to be Boujee.” The confession comes as I feel June’s budget tightening like a choke chain around my neck. 

I’m seated at a windowed table overlooking a dramatic view of the Jurassic Park mountainous landscape. In the foreground are deep blue ripples that reflect the overhead sun. I take a decadent bite of chopped vegetables I can’t pronounce, infused with seafood and drizzled with something fabulous. I obviously use a smaller fork than usual, pat the corners of my smile gingerly with an embroidered napkin, and throw my head back with laughter at the ease and comfort of the day.

Isn’t it fun to get all whimsical and drift into reverie?

Speaking of reverie, the fourth season of Westworld is up. There’s just too dang much going on in that show! Even after reading Season 3’s recap, I don’t feel up to speed.

Black carpenter ants arrived like a military operation over the weekend. As though kamikaze pilots whose radio had gone down, the ants flew dizzyingly down from the sky; one even landed kersplat on my chest, not caring I was amid a bite of chicken sandwich.

I pulled an entire grocery bag full of litter off the beach. I’m no hero, but if you’re in a superbly nature-like sand-infused beach place that’s free of human waste, go ahead- thank me. 

Our room is a hot sauna from the 85-degree day. I’m laying on my stomach, and the contact of my shirt with the covers on the bed is ratcheting up the temperature even more. Hopefully, the highspeed fan pushing air out the window will kick in soon.

For now, it’s time to take a quick trip downstairs for Tillimook’s Huckleberry ice cream before we start the show. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Love, Jaclynn

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