Bombs Over Baghdad

Do you like thought experiments? Like, let’s say today was your last day alive; what would you do?

Real quick, do geese poop when floating and paddling in water? How about in the ai- Oh, silly me! Of course they poop in the air, they open up that airplane shoot of theirs, with little care whose pretty head is down below and bombs awaaaaaay.

If today were my last day, I’d likely feel sorrow for the meaningless problems and grievances that take up space in my mind.

Then, I’d realize there’s nothing I can do about that and fill my lungs with the gentle breeze of outside air and wonder how I’ve taken a sensation like this for granted. 

I’d notice and engage with the world around me, listening to children giggling and hearing the rhythmic squeak of the trampoline their jumping on.

I’d experience the blackberry’s long tendril arms – not as a reminder of something that needs chopping back, but as they are; wild, unkempt, and a part of all that is life.

I’d sit with the ducks and present worm offerings I dug for them from a dried creek bed.

Then I’d write and share about how good taking a long, purposeful breath felt, and how gratefulness was right there with me holding my hand, nudging me forward, saying, look how good you have it.

Aw. Look how good we have it.

Love, Jaclynn

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