Gift of Therapy: #1

I’m on Cosmopolitan martini numero dos. Dave’s sick at home, but he’s talking about making his way over here. As I write, a wild west theme boat parade is in the background.

The 60-year-old lady crew at my parent’s house (plus or minus a few years) are chatting about their cruises to Italy, Portugal, and Spain. I’m jotting down ideas; Fuseta in Portugal, among others, has me reinvigorated by the idea of moving to Europe.

Onto book club: Irving Yalom. The Gift of Therapy. Chapter 1-6

What is happening in your relationships? Do you feel defensive? How about curious? Or are you annoyed?

What if we addressed our feelings and tended to the threads that create the fabric between you and me? What do you think would happen, and what would it mean?

This vulnerability we seek is not without fear. Perhaps it’s due to the thought that there’s something wrong or unlovable in us. Or that we will be abandoned, taken for granted, or controlled.

Yet, we hide these fears from each other, don’t we? Slip them slyly into our pockets, knowing they’re there but are shaken to the core that someone might see.

In the first few chapters, Irvin Yalom speaks of honesty and directness in relationship with others that feels powerful, life-changing, and profoundly meaningful.

I’m ready to try it out, are you?

Happy 4th of July, you all. The moon is closer, and the sky is giving way to darkness. It’s 45 minutes until a community-sponsored fireworks display that’s never disappointed for the past couple of decades.

Also, it’s the first year Evelyn’s eyes will stay open for it; how about that?!


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