The Art of Daily Blogging

At the year’s start, I took up blogging. Not only to improve my writing chops, but to also give myself a consistent place to process day-to-day experiences.

I’ve tried to keep the stakes low, tossing as few pennies into the pot as possible. Because, like Seinfeld, it’s a show about nothing. And the simple things; my ducks, daughter, husband, friends or the antics of my Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon neighbor, or poetry, or as of recent; a book club.

And while it’s about nothing, it’s also about everything. On Smithsonian-like display are also my heart, values, and truths. Because this is a shapeless and meaningless art form if, by the page’s end, I haven’t felt a movement from the inside. (Not that kind). – Oh, and sometimes I’m funny?

Writing is a real-time whittling experience on my personal and interpersonal challenges, one where the finished product I’m often proud. Writing is also a nodding head of a friend that says, “Go on,” even in times when the path forward is uncertain or unclear.

I don’t know what I’m sometimes doing, but I also don’t avoid certain subjects.

I reach for the stars and get to know the best and worst parts of myself.

Sometimes the work I do in counseling sessions bleeds in here, too, because it’s so freaking cool! I find discovery and understanding of why fascinating, especially surrounding the darker aspects of our psyches.

You might like spending time here if you respond with a heck yes to my Psychology Today profile request. “I prefer going deep and value people eager to do the same.”

If you’re a first-time caller, welcome.

If you’ve been coming by daily or close to it, I really appreciate your support.

And to all you likers, commenters, and readers that engage and share yourself too, you are fuel to my dimming, sputtering fire on days I don’t see the point, So, thank you.

And as always.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Daily Blogging

    1. I used to love going down to Jack and Judy’s first thing in the morning for coffee. It would have been nice to have had you there too.

      Thank you. I’m grateful for you.


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