Come Fly With Me

Did Dave see the ducks-at-large on the lake this morning? A blurry photo with a white and black duck and two brown ones surfaced in a text message from him. It’s on! I’m getting in the kayak when I get home and will try to corral them home, hopefully.

I’m pretty checked out of my work day today as my entire being pulls towards vacation land. Every task completed has a satisfying “Yay. I did that” and a box that gets checked.

Time. To. Myself.

The value of being uprooted from my daily routine, chores, errands, and appointments and launched into a long slide into its five o’clock somewhere is, well – I need this vacation.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the ducks are home! A quick paddle out and Dave’s hawkeye allowed us to spot them on the opposite bank. Once there, I jumped out, spread my arms like the impossibly big mama duck I am, and led the threesome back into the water.

Dave and I acted like a herding dog in the kayak, putting slight pressure but holding when needed and then pressuring again.

Once on land, Dave ran up for food as I waited, trying to keep them from heading back to the lake.

With food, I crouched within a foot and concocted a plan. On the number three, we’d pounce, each of us grabbing a duck. On three, I got mine, the white and black mother of the other two, and Dave came up empty-handed. Fortunately, Mama is a significant draw, and with her in my arms, the other two followed behind like a couple of groupies.

All in all, it’s been a badass day. But if I’m honest, I’m nervous the taste of the wonderful wild will tempt them away from their enclosure again. We will see. For now, they’re locked in a coop with a large bowl of food and water.

And I’m locked up, biting at the bit to be leaving on the jet plane. Soon, Jaclynn, very soon.

Love, Me

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