And We’re Off!

Have you ever seen “Terminal” with Tom Hanks? After two delays at the airport amounting to six hours of extra wait time, I’m starting to wonder if I’m becoming the main character in that movie, and if the A and B gates are becoming my new home.

Three potty breaks, several new single-serving friends, and three gate changes is making the day an eventful one. I probably should have taken — wait!

I’m on a plane! Dave inquired about our original flight, so we ran fast and now we’re all buckled in.


Oooh, an Anne Lamont Ted Talk is available to watch on the in-flight show list. She’s the author of one of my favorite writer’s writing about writing books “Bird By Bird.”

I’m hungry. In all the chaos, lunch food got neglected. To order or not to order a dumb snack box when we’re in the air? Which reminds me, I so miss the hot, savory, hearty airplane meals from my childhood. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

And cafeteria food. Not the junior high or senior high school or even college cafeteria food. Elementary. The slop they served there can’t be replicated anywhere!

Hm. A stint as a lunch lady might be in the cards in the future.

I just turned on live TV and Bonney Lake is playing in the Little League World series. It’s thrilling to see kids from the town you live in on the big screen.

Alright, we’re about to shove off. I’ll spare you my knuckle-gripping and breath-holding antics and worst-case-scenario thoughts during take-off and ascension.

I’ll see you in Florida! Love, Jaclynn

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