Ebony Ivory Purple

I wonder, will the well for daily writing ever run dry?

And then coyotes, a pack of them, jolt me up in the middle of the night. Their screams are spine-tingling, much worse than the crying baby-sounding bird I heard in Kauai. Then, as if by the wand of an orchestra conductor, they silence, jarring and leaving my ears with a ring.  

I know coyotes are around – their handiwork’s evident in the ample amount of missing cat posters on powerline poles. But in the past two years, not one yip until last night.   

That’s odd, huh?

So in trying to understand coyote communication (specifically, the synchronized on and off yip-yapping they did), I stumbled on a tidbit about how they and badgers will work together to dig out small vermin. Then, get this, they are known to cuddle up and play with one another. A badger and a coyote?

♫ Living in perfect harmony ♫.

Anyhow, we did a bit of school shopping for Evelyn at Fred Meyer today. “School” might be a generous term for almost 3 years old, going three days a week for three hours at a time. Whoa, that’s a lot of 3’s.

So, if you’re curious, out of a dinosaur patterned cup, a Frozen “Follow Your Dreams” cup or a stars and planets cup, she chose the Frozen one. And out of pink, blue or purple scissors? Look to this post’s title for the answer.

“For why?” She asked, not understanding the reasoning for all the new things. Well, we told her, for school. “I scared.” She said, to which I smiled and turned to Dave, “I’m so proud she knows her emotions and is able to communicate them.

Well, time to get to my work day.

I’ll be in session for the next eight hours, so I’m glad I’m getting this done before the day’s end. 

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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