Two Games In One

The second FaceTime of the night (am I that parent?) to Evelyn involved showing her the Seattle Kraken’s band playing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” outside the Climate Pledge Arena.

Appearing to eat chicken nuggets, she cutely bobbed her head back and forth to the beat.

Dave and I are having an impromptu evening out; thanks to my dad for giving up his opening night tickets.

Our secret idea to head to Dick’s for a post-loss consolation prize is a bust. Only about 100 plus other fans beat us here.

We’re about 12 people away from ordering; please excuse me while I peruse the five-item board.

I finished a Dick’s deluxe and shared a chocolate shake and hand-cut French fries before heading to our car parked in a $3 parking lot. Cheap, yes but with a high probability of a break-in.

All is safe now as we make the 45-minute drive on 1-5 south. I will sit back and enjoy the music and Dave’s company.


Love, Jaclynn

PS. Way to battle for 18 innings. Great season Mariner’s!

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