Keep Your Hands To Yourself

The farty smell in the laundry room, which I solved last week but didn’t, is no more. In bending to clean behind the dryer, my bird-dog nose sniffed a scent that, if in cartoon land, my face would turn green, and I’d fall over with x’s in my eyes. 

We have two washer drains I learned that lead to the septic and the P-trap for one had dried up. I didn’t know anything about P-traps, and their inner workings. But after a gallon of water was flushed down it, I’m more than satisfied with the fresh smell and new knowledge.

I finished Jon Krakauer’s book, “Missoula: Rape And The Justice System In A Small Town,” and talk about learning something. The takeaway from the book; when you convict a rapist, you save a lot of people from harm. College rapists are usually serial rapists, committing an average of 6 rapes or 90% of all rapes.

I feel overwhelmed in my life lately like I need to be everything to everyone. Getting hit with my recent sickness reminded me that the world keeps spinning even if you sleep through it.

So going into December, I’m scaling back. Big time. I’m drafting texts and emails, and even sent a couple, saying, “Catch up with you in the new year!”

It feels good. And who knows, if December goes well, marine I’ll turn the corner into 2023 and keep right on going.

I’ll keep you posted. Anyway, that’s it for tonight. I’ll chat with you tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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