Houseplant Arousal

I’d love to write long-form; informative, entertaining, and creative pieces. Tapestries that interweave and intersect cleverly and stimulatingly. I want the reader to walk away from the piece more educated and empowered or with a smile.

I want to draw upon personal lessons, my education, and my experiences in counseling others to create pieces that speak to our humanity and assist one another to develop empathy and concern for our community.

I want to learn how to present ideas in unique and fun ways.

Above are a few of my goals for my writing this year.

I sniffed out a fellow houseplant freak at a children’s birthday party today. The homeowner, to be exact. Needing to know the name of the green goddess with outstretched tendrils potted in a white, basketball hoop-sized ceramic beaded dish behind me on the couch, I waited. Until the Paw Patrol-themed presents were opened and the Paw Patrol cupcake cake was eaten.

“It’s a Calathia,” she said as I swooned over its spiral-designed and banana-lengthed leaves. From there, it escalated quickly. Moments later, she’d pulled me into her bedroom. I fingered her soil, stroked her monstera deliciosa, hairy Jew, and bambino alocasia, then bending over, she showed some skin, a monstera delciosa leaf tattoo.

Back in the kitchen, she drooled over my birthday plans. You guessed it; buy plants. And before I left, she twice tried to send me home with spider plants. They’d be in my lap right now if I hadn’t gotten one just last week.

That’s right, I’m in the car on the way home. I’m happy to be looking at my screen instead of engaging my startle reflex at the traffic’s accordion-braking game.

“I would zip line all the time,” I tell Dave, between writing sentences, an idea from earlier has taken root in my psyche. Seeing a cable strung between two trees on the plant lady’s property is an up and coming possibility this spring.

Last night while watching Evelyn flip over the bar attached to the trampoline, dizzying herself on the sit-n-spin, and flying down the extreme coaster’s tracks with her friend, I felt validated for creating an environment that facilitates play and fun.

I squeeze my eye shut, and the pain’s still there. A sty. For two days, my lower lid’s been inflamed, and I’m keeping track. There was a close call with having to go to the emergency room for one. A couple years ago a general practitioner prescribed me topical cream when what I really needed was antibiotics. Even worse was having a scalpel cut into my eyelid to remove the hardened junk.

Long story short, see a specialist.

It’s day seven of doing “Yoga with Adriene”. The workout is a 30-day challenge, and I’m so happy to be downward dogging, and cat/cow posing again. Thankfully, it’s not too much, but not too little either. It’s just right.

With that, I better head to bed. Before I do, I want to find and start a book. Hopefully a good one.

Thanks for being here. Happy Saturday. Love, Jaclynn

PS I snapped a photo of the plant lady’s bathroom, as I’m needing ideas for a far, far in the future remodel. And look at that monstera leaf!

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