Sidle Up Partner

I snap off, a dead battery of the mind. With a scarecrow at the helm, all SOS alerts go unreturned.

As an endless student in the classroom for writing, listening to someone share their knowledge should have been a supportive massage on the mind. Instead, it flicked the all-knowing nerve that is my ego, and the rough seas sent me overboard.

The advice was simple – change verbs to match a piece’s ecosystem- but it didn’t ping pong into my brain that way. Instead, I judged myself as an ignorant, petulant peasant whose wordly wares weren’t worthy of peddling.

Did you know a crab sidles? I didn’t. How come the surprise Dave’s friend Jeff showed and commented, “You didn’t know that?” released off me like water off a duck’s back?

Sidle. What a great word.

Learning and pushing past my comfort zone is life’s spice but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be milk in the fridge to dilute and wash things down.

I’ve been pushing myself a lot; to learn Spanish, write, do yoga, decorate, plant care, do duck habitat work, engage with friends, and increase my client load. Although I want these things, the balls I’m juggling feel less manageable lately.

After hitting a wall a year ago last November, I learned the art of dialing back to regain balance. Thank goodness I did because I now have this trusty cruise button in my back pocket.

I’ll still do all the things, but slightly less. You might not even realize I’ve pushed it, but I will, and that will make all the difference.

Take care. Love, Jaclynn

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