Cat Attack

I am a messy, knotted ball of string after a client requested I mediate a conversation between them and their ex. I know why; a one-time chit-chat is as helpful as pointing at a newborn and saying, “Walk!” So I reflected, processed, and came up with an alternative solution to send them, “I see six to ten hours focusing on skill building, creating understanding, and ultimately collaboration is most beneficial.”

Even though it’s created by making an hourglass full of mistakes, I’ll take wisdom.

A series of unfortunate events for my cousin means her cat sisters are staying with us indefinitely. Having two furballs playing hide and seek and pouncing on Archie should create a stimulating environment. Also, they’ll come with a self-cleaning litter box, which is far fancier poop cleanup than what I do for the ducks.

Yesterday and today, I found eggs, tacking on three more for a grand total of seven eggs from the ducks. Their latest gifts are likely why I spent extra time moving their coop, pick-axing the site for better drainage, and re-arranging their pools, food, and mirror for a bigger and better duckety experience.

“I want frosting!” I rip through the silence of Dave’s Nintendo Switch playing, Evelyn’s Peppa Pig watching, and my writing. Almond buttercream frosting to be exact, and since there’s not a cookie or cupcake in sight, globs on my finger will have to do.

I did it! And all three of us gleefully ate a spoonful. Aren’t a person’s random motivations weirdly fun?

It’s the end of the day, and if I don’t turn my thinker off soon, a crystal ball shows me turning on myself like a rabid dog.

I don’t want that.

So I better get to yoga-ing, last-minute preps for work, and bed!

Night. Love, Jaclynn

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