Start A Riot

“I made a mess, Mom. You want me to make more a mess?” My sprite of a toddler is cocked, loaded and ready to fire. So I say, “Sure!” Then, through the air fly a string of toy cars, dolls, and puzzle pieces.

It’s not about the mess. I repeat. It’s not about the mess.

It’s day two of lowering the bars of expectations, allowing more fun in and engaging in play. So what better than a free-for-all, breaking-rules moment to do just that.

Not to worry; she cleaned it all up shortly after. 

After a stint of the duck ladies’ egg production being non-existent, I was forced to buy store eggs last week. It was a day of defeat, as prior, even with their one-a-day leavings I could stockpile them and make it work. But nothing? Can’t nobody scramble anything with that!

Fast forward to last week when a clutch of nine eggs came to town, aka the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And every day after, like clockwork, there’s been two to three more nuggets. My cute basket is at capacity, so truly, do any of my friends out there want some?

Without so much doing a push-up in weeks, I was nervous dropping to the ground before this sentence to test my strength. To be on target for my year end goal of twenty I needed to be at 5.1 in two days.

Good news! All the strength training I’d been doing trumped my lollygagging and I did it. What a relief!

Now, how do I step out of my not yogaing rut? I know: Plan ahead, and make it easy. During one of breaks tomorrow I’ll slither to the floor, turn on a fifteen-minute practice and do it. Gotta restart at some point, right?

Uh oh, it’s my bestie’s birthday and I forgot to call her! The phone’s ringing….Damn, voicemail. I’ll sing and put into words the depths of my love.


Ok, now onto studying Spanish and then an early bed time.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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