Starry Starry Night

The neighbor’s runway-lit house never gives the night a fighting chance. I take offense and am perplexed as to why the previous owners of our house chopped the heads off of our privacy-providing cedar trees.

Do curtains belong outside is the question I’m facing. I suggest no. Even with my opposed decision, I hang the rod, place it high enough to block the neighbor’s lights and indulge in the fantasy anyway.

Seated outside, warmed by the propane fire pit, I’m listening to the rain falling lightly with a fajita-full belly. Instead of pointing left towards the neighbors, my body’s angled to the right, regarding the greenbelt, its layers of trees, and its lack of impact by man’s touch.

A lazy Easter Sunday was had by all ’round here. I nailed the eggs Benedict and the French toast casserole, something even the late Anthony Bourdain would be proud.

While sauteing cut onions, mushrooms, and red, yellow, and orange peppers, I told Dave, “I’m having a really good day.” A large part is due to the seven straight games of cards facing up Uno with Evelyn, Dave, and his parents (I won one), and thrusting my hands in soil to plant hydrangeas, daisies, tulips, alyssum, and geraniums in pots to spruce up the before barren back porch.

Just give me a little time, and I’ll eventually come around. Although I previously didn’t want winter to end, I’m out and proud with my fondness for spring.

Next up to further usher spring in is pressure washing, and you know how much I love that!

Over breakfast, my Dad told me I could borrow his gas-powered one since my electric got thrown out. The hose connection didn’t seal, spraying more water on me than where I was directing it. I miss it, but my Dad’s is way more powerful.

I’d write more, but my mind is sublimely thought-free. It’s the kind of night if it were spring and cloudless, I’d take to the lawn with a blanket and stargaze. Can you bring to mind the best night skies you’ve ever seen? I can. On Palmer Lake in Northern Washington, on the end of some long dirt road in central New Mexico, and near Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Those nights were incredible.

Thanks for stopping in. Love, Jaclynn

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