Reign On Me

Exiting the library, I was greeted by an ominous darkness as well as a warmth reminiscent of our Florida vacation thunderstorms. I wanted to shake my fist at the sky, “Don’t just loom overhead, blast us with a refreshing downpour and ease the heat!”

Oooh, I just heard thunder! My speaking its name summoned it!

“I can’t wait until I’m rich enough that I no longer find free roadside items appealing.”

While scrubbing marks off my scavenged patio Sunbrella loveseat, I chuckled at the memory of seeing that meme. It’s this very piece I rerouted my friend and I’s lunch date for!

And my friend understood, of course. But I disagree with the meme’s sentiment; a good find will always be a good find, regardless of the amount of zeros one has in the bank account.

Having lost two ducks in two weeks, I’ve warmed to the idea of hatching ducklings. So much so, that today I wrote four tiny x’s on four eggs. These marks will help me differentiate them from any other ones laid going forward.

Google tells me I’ll be able to “candle” test them in a week, which means checking their viability by holding them up to a light. I’m excited! We could use new energy around this place, especially since the fostered cats are leaving soon.

Randomly looking into countries’ life expectancy, I was surprised – but at the same not – at how far down the list the US was. But more jaw-dropping was the amount of countries with a 50-60 year life expectancy. A thirty-year difference between the top and bottom countries?! That we all live together on this planet and that the gap is so wide is mind-boggling to me.

Game seven of the second playoff series – winner moves on, loser goes home – for the Kraken starts in 22 minutes. No one expected Seattle to make the playoffs, let alone win the first series. After the regular season it’s all been gravy, and I asked Dave (their biggest fan) how he’s doing and he said, “Nervous.”

Anxious enough, I wonder, to wear his lucky octopus underwear again?

For the first two hours of it, I’ll be tucked away in the basement, on two work calls. Win or lose, it was a great season.

Talk to you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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