Eighties Throwback

Once Dave got past the shock of shaving his beard into extra-wide sideburns, Joe Dirt style, he took the new look and ran with it.

“Depending on how quickly this grows back, I could see carving different shapes monthly.”

I’m rocking a side ponytail, hot pink, blue, and purple eye shadow, and a short, strapless iridescent purple dress. This 80s prom concert will be made better because of us!

Don’t look too closely at my eye shadow, the watercolors I used, although vibrant and easy to paint on, are cracking slightly.

Uncertain where I’ll find time to write this post, I’m side-listening to car commute talk, and trying not to be rude while writing this post. I also plan to steal away moments in the bathroom and dark alleys while at dinner and the show.

Dinner conversation: (I’m in the bathroom writing this, waiting for my clams)

“Congratulations on the moon thing,” says Friend 1.

“What are you talking about?” asks Dave.

“Oh. My company, Blue Origin, got a 3.4 billion dollar contract with NASA to send astronauts to the moon today. It’s our generation’s version of Apollo,” Friend 2 replies.

I’m shown a picture of a mock-up of the shuttle; it’ll be 50-feet-tall and able to house four astronauts for up to a month.

Pretty cool!

I found a spot outside next to a fire. I’ve danced to two songs, but it’s early and I need to pace myself. Here are a couple of my voyeuristic snapshots.

My feet hurt. I’m back to my fire front spot after dancing to “Send Me An Angel” and “Personal Jesus”. It’s interesting sitting here in a sea of alcohol drinking, rambunctious 40, 50, and 60 year olds and feeling complete blogging on my phone.

Enjoy your night. I better get back in there, “Purple Rain” is on.

Love, Jaclynn

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