Gratefulness Overload

Had I known Dewalt’s battery-powered weed whacker had the power and stamina of a hydroelectric dam, I’d bought it sooner.

I am beat! No matter much I’d love to tell you all about the knee-length grasses and blackberries I obliterated or how satisfying it was blasting roots and weeds away to reveal hidden pavers and to create borders; I’d just be prolonging the wait for the sleep my body yowls for.

I am so happy knowing a fully charged battery awaits me when I wake.

Dang it, I forgot to take a picture of the two-tiered chocolate cake I made for Dave’s 40th birthday party tomorrow. Note to self: Do that.

For now, shut-eye.

Night. Love, Jaclynn

PS Why was the slot for gratitude letters taped over (as seen in this post‘s photo)? I’m not clever enough, but I’m sure someone could caption it with a pretty funny comment.

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