Language Alchemy

I am immersed in a tranquil state, like a serene sea with no ripples, stars twinkling brilliantly overhead, and a gentle breeze carrying no worries.

Speaking of calmness, Dave’s 40th birthday party added to my serenity. Reconnecting with friends, sharing stories, and watching our children play filled the evening with sweetness. Observing the sixteen adults and kids congregating indoors and outdoors – whether in the dining room, by the lake for fishing, in Evelyn’s playhouse, or experiencing the thrill of an extreme roller coaster – made me smile.

As I click, click, click my metaphorical roller coaster to its peak, I’m preparing for the upcoming week. Although I’m not usually one for meal prepping, I realize that taking short breaks to stroll to the lunchroom and grab a bite between sessions would be a nurturing gesture for me. Luckily, we have a generous jar of Uncle Dan’s homemade “Southern-style” ranch dressing that will perfectly complement a plate of freshly cut veggies.

During the birthday festivities, I couldn’t resist showcasing my earlier mentioned weed whacker skills. Pausing the conversation momentarily, I ventured towards the base of the slide’s ladder, tackling the tall grasses. This impromptu demonstration brought a chuckle to some parents standing nearby

By my side sits one of my cousin’s cats. This particular feline is beloved by Evelyn, capturing her heart with its bold demeanor and the way it fearlessly exposes its belly for rubs.

A remarkable transformation is taking place in my journey to learn Spanish, and I’m enjoying it! Engaging in daily conversations with native speakers, exchanging written and audio messages, reading “Dracula” in Spanish, and diligently adding unfamiliar words to my Spanish dictionary for later study is part of my daily routine. Additionally, I’ve been delving into a grammar book, finding the perfect blend of activities to facilitate my progress.

Despite initial uncertainty about achieving my New Year’s resolution of fluency, the growth I’ve witnessed in myself over the past couple of weeks instills confidence. Reaching my goal seems more than possible, and I’m excited to continue on this path of self-improvement.

Love, Jaclynn

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