Extract Attack

I’m eight pages into Matthew Mcconaughey’s book “Greenlights” and don’t know how I’ll make it much longer. He uses too many adjectives and verbs consecutively, which offers little new information to the reader.

I want the meat, Matthew! C’mon! (If he used Grammarly for editing as I do, he’d never gotten away with that. But, still – fingers crossed – I hope he’ll redeem himself.)

I need to change the bio of my blog. No longer am I a mom, declutterer, or therapist. I am a virtual poker player that writes about poker escapades—the end.

So remember how yesterday I discussed strategy and improving my skills? Well, not today.

First off, I suck at poker when playing with friends. I played for about an hour with my friend Kristen tonight, and as you can imagine, I focused more on interacting with her than anything else.

Which is fine.

Dave sent me a New York Times article about artificial intelligence’s poker bluffing algorithms. It was fascinating. The takeaway for me was how little the hand mattered and how much the bet size did.

Which I hate.

Maybe not hate but strongly dislike. The reason is that I like to play my hand. More specifically, I like the adrenaline rush, the relief, and the good feelings that come with making my hand and winning the pot.

If I only focus on betting, will I ruin the game for myself? It’s funny to say this out loud, but I’m scared to find out. Maybe I’m overthinking all this.

Time to leave you with a highlight from a conversation at the poker table. So Carlos, a friend I’ve made playing, is a surgeon’s assistant in Texas. He said something about extracting things out of people’s bums, and of course, I had to ask what the top five items were.

In no particular order.

Credit card.
Squirt gun.
Buzz Lightyear.
Two-foot gummy worm.
Pop can.

You’re welcome. Good night.


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