Unbreak My Heart

Think of something you don’t want to do. Now think of something you enjoy doing.

In order to do the thing you don’t want to do, take away the thing you enjoy doing.

I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

The thorn in my side – uploading that podcast episode – is no longer. I did it!

Back are the days of me on my VR headset, playing live poker, eating fake hot dogs, and meeting new friends. Oh, and I’ll have the most fantastic stories to share with you guys!

Anyway, in my attempt to find you a fun Valentine fact, I got derailed by a business’s website called “Loved to Death.”

There are oddities items available still online, but it appears the brick-and-mortar store has closed. Sorry.

However, something you might find interesting is the 1-star reviews. Here we go:

“Somewhat pretentious, staff. A lot of bad, negative energy leads me to believe the items have not been cared for properly or ethically sourced, or dealt with. Spooky as a commodity can lead to serious backlash and consequences, but I guess all for a dime these days.” Zoe, 1-star.

“Disappointed! Expected a morbid excellent experience…all they carry are antique reproductions and frames of bugs. Real let down….don’t waste your time.” Beth, 1-star.

“Cool shop, but over half the stuff is not for sale.”

Response from the owner “Everything is for sale but a few taxidermy pieces we can’t sell by law. Best!.”

Isn’t a “morbid excellent experience” what we’re all searching for anyway?

But for the life of me, I can’t imagine what that might mean. Oh wait!

My dang foot photo from yesterday; now THAT was a pretty morbidly excellent experience. 

I should find Beth 1-stars email and send it to her. I bet she’d LOVE that.

I also wanted you to know things are looking up for me. I’m feeling more optimistic and less weighed down. Maybe it’s because of the podcast, or perhaps it’s my new water drinking system. Curious?

Well, it all started because I want to drink enough water like most people. However, a day or a few days can get away from me, and I’m back to dehydrated.

So now, all I do is pay attention to my pee, only my pee. If my pee is not clear to a slight tint of yellow, I need to drink more water and make it clear again. Isn’t it amazing, I’m 40-years-old and still learning new-to-me life hacks.

Lastly, I haven’t shared the book I’m reading because I’m embarrassed by it. I’ll whisper it. (Nicholas Sparks latest, “The Wish.”) 

But, you know how he writes, right? He goes on, and then at very end, he hits you with a big punch to the gut to make you bawl your eyes out. All I have to say is he better produce!

I hope you had a most lovely February 14th. 

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Besos, (it means kisses, Dave. And it has nothing to do with Jeff.)


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