I Scream

A “For You” video of “8 Spring Cleaning Hacks” on YouTube caught my eye – leading to my not blogging as soon as I would have liked.


The video’s creator had 65,000 views after only 12 hours. And since I enjoy tips, I, too, pressed play.

I’m here to say this: watching other people clean things and not lifting a finger to help them while soaking in a bathtub is my new favorite thing.

Cat videos? Who needs ’em when I have Rebecca from Missouri using Murphy oil to rejuvenate her backsplash and the hard-to-reach places of her cupboards.

I started the year off decluttering and organizing each room/space in the house and am currently at a standstill. However, this very second I’m lying on a bed that rotated 90 degrees earlier.

Are you a room rearranger to keep things spicy too?

My mind’s stopped on a memory of a supervisor I had during my internship for counseling.

Overall he was great, but the thing I’m about to share never settled right with me.

The main details are that he is an avid Christian, and his daughter is a lesbian. And he refused to go when she invited him to her wedding because it went against his principles.

I can’t recall why now, but I wonder what his reasoning was for telling me this story? Oh, and I believe she went on Maury Povich too.

I’m in a weird mood tonight. All I want is ice cream. And to be done with writing. Would you mind if I don’t edit and go get ice cream? You don’t mind?

Aw, thanks.

Love, Jaclynn

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