Huey, Dewey and Louie

“I think that cow had a prosthetic tail.” At 50-mph cranking my head fast enough to see what Dave’s referring to is next to impossible. So my imagination goes to work creating the wonkiest pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey freak show of a cow’s back side.

A jaunt out to Roy, Washington led to me procuring three ducklings the size of kittens. I picked up a-year-old female for egg laying and companionship for our boy duck, Sue as well.

At home, I separately took each squawker in the crook of my elbow, sat with them, and stroked their heads and backs welcoming them to their new abode.

I’m excited. My flock is now a perfect five. Well, and the chick makes six.

Randomly I am at Cheney Stadium waiting for a baseball game to start. This is the Buy Nothing message on Facebook I came across an hour ago:

“I have three tickets to give for the Tacoma Rainier’s game tonight, followed by a firework display. Tickets come with ballgame meal and hats as well.”

Free game?! Why not?!

With hats on our heads, hot dogs in our bellies, and wets bums from an open-air rained on stadium, it’s a great night to take Evelyn to her first baseball game.

Do you ever have those days that go on and on and on? I’m in awe it’s still Friday. It’s been a wonderful day, so it’s definitely a good thing.

Love, Jaclynn

PS. Thanks to Fletcher for suggesting the perfect names for my duckling trio!

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