Scary Milk

My imagination created a cleaning service due to seeing a pile of folded hand towels ready to be put away.

The question is; If a maid swooped in, how would they know where they go?

Stickers; round, easy-to-remove, color-coded stickers. That’s how!

After the initial consultation and paperwork, I’d have received a sheet of stickers worded and with perhaps pictures of “pans,” “hand towels,” “cups,” “plates,” etc.

This fantastic idea is due to a new level of laziness, my not wanting to lift a finger in this darn house to clean or organize while also not wanting to explain to a make-believe maid where anything goes.

Did you ever get told with a discerning look, “Oh, you’re something else?”

I sure have! I always took it to mean I was ridiculous, but where does it come from?

I tried googling its origin but didn’t find anything. Instead, I found the Spanish equivalent “ser la leche” or “to be the milk.” It turns out milk has nine different meanings in Spanish related to mood, moving about quickly, and health. There’s a lot of superstition around milk in Spanish culture too, mostly involving breast milk.

It’s t-minus ten minutes until my last two virtual sessions of the evening. Everyone is napping; dog, kid, husband, but not the chicken. It’s pecking at the sliding glass door. I didn’t tell you this, but the other day the chick jumped from the second-story deck railing, hit the window where Dave, Evelyn, and I sat inside on the couch, and fell/flapped itself safely? to the ground level.

She/he must of love me a lot.

Love, Jaclynn

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