I See Dead People

Take an assumption, couple it with intense emotion, mix it with loose pieces of information, and I will tell you, “No. Keep your conspiracy theories to yourself.”

I am interested, however, in understanding what goes into creating conspiracy theories and how specific themes, people, or things become the focal point. If you have a good book recommendations, let me know.

Speaking of conspiracies, I need to stop this one before it starts—but first, some back story. A month ago, the parking lot where I work got a new paint job; handicap parking, “Staff” predesignated areas, and one spot, in particular, sprayed with stenciled lettering of the doctor’s name that owns the office.

When I noticed the doctor’s name, I may have scoffed at it, came home to report my findings to Dave, and felt my eyes roll each time parking next to it.

Until today!

I showed up to find an orange cone in the said spot with asphalt spread over the name.

A real mystery!

So I don’t think the building sold, and I don’t believe the owner bit the bullet. My current theory is the reserved spot is moving to another location. But only after a month? I don’t get it.

Ooh! Another weird thing about the parking lot is how three white SUVs arrive in succession and back into adjoining spots. Their similar uncanny movements are like that of synchronized swimmers or the flag flingers in bands.

But what’s odder is the drivers don’t come it into the office. So, where do they go?

I’ll watch more closely next time.


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