Burning Down The House

“Your cabin is torqued.” James, our contractor-turned-friend, told Dave and me pre-covid about our ocean getaway. Maybe, he said, it’d collapse if he leveled it. Or perhaps it would be just fine—no way to know until after the dice were thrown.

One night – before leveling – Dave, few-month-old Evelyn, and I arrived late in the night after three hours of driving and ready to melt into the warm comforter and covers. What we found was not conducive to that.

Chunks of drywall and puddles of water on the bed and floor led to a night of little sleep, lots of tears, and fear that our investment had turned into shit.

At a stop at Ace Hardware for tarps the next day we asked a worker if they knew anyone to contract for a home project. Thankfully they did, and that’s when we found James.

I contacted James again today, all these years later after redoing the roof, leveling the house (successfully), and putting on a deck.

“Could you swing by and quote us for insulation?” I asked.

That it’s almost impossible to warm this 600-square-foot place with two space heaters concerns me. And even after six or seven logs in the stove, the drafts where the wall meets the floor is strong.

Still, that we have no leaks and a marble won’t be racing off the table anytime soon is a major win!

We drove to the southernmost point of Ocean Shores, Damon Point, to paint rocks earlier today. In looking up facts to share, I found that the area is one of the few remaining nesting sites of the snowy plover (a squatty and cuter version of the sandpiper). I’ll try to remember to scope for it next time.

Also, while driving, I was on a deer hunt – Ocean Shores is beyond littered with them. If I guessed, I counted up to twenty or more, so I got more than my limit. Visually, of course.

With no clients on Monday and the ducks with feeders full of food and pools of water at home, we’re sticking out here for a couple more days. The only thing I worry about is our dwindling supply of firewood. Hopefully, Santa Clause will deliver a badass chainsaw so we can get to work this winter.

Have a great night. Love, Jaclynn

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