I need a coffee recall button. After returning to the playroom twice, and the upstairs bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen thrice, I was still cup-o-joe less. The innovation, perhaps a little sticker button that would go woo-oo-woo-oo after a minute of inactivity, would be as significant and life-saving as a locating beacon on a submarine.

I am feeling so hopeless hopeful my mini Eeyore slump is ending! After seeing how much my mood’s been vacillating from things outside my control, I’m bulking up my foundation.

My tentative plan is more structure and doing things; exercise, house/outdoor projects, and scheduled social interaction. Also, it’s odd how satisfying cleaning is; leaving the blue residue after a toilet scrub is such a friendly visual pat on the back.

“Holocene” by Bon Iver, flitting spotted toe-hees on the deck floor and the gurgle of running aquarium water is hitting the spot for some me-time. Next is Evelyn’s classmate’s fourth birthday party, and I imagine a shower, a bit of makeup, and a decent outfit will keep this positive feeling going.

Oh, and I need another bag of no-waste birdseed. Seeing birds outside my window is no different than taking an anti-depressant.

Well, it’s a record-breaking night for getting Evelyn to bed: 7:10pm. She’s coloring with party favor glitter crayons in her party favor princess coloring book – which is technically not sleeping. But it’s close. And since I’m the one keeping score, I’ll count it.

Speaking of counting it, this weekend was a monumental victory for my Fantasy Football team. I am in first place outright now. I was an underdog going in too, with only a 40% chance of winning. But my guys went above and beyond, and admittedly, so did I; I stressed pretty hard about it.

Ok, I’m going to play Portal with Dave. It’s a cute co-op game we enjoy doing.

Love, Jaclynn

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