Vroom Vroom!

I fed Evelyn edamame. “Eddy Money, I want more peas!” That’s please for all of you who don’t speak 3-year-old, and her trying to pronounce that bean of green is hilarious.

It’s one in the books for her. An impromptu stop to see a second-hand Extreme Coaster (there’s no way we we’re spending $400 on it) led to our buying the thing.

And it is incredible. Evelyn must have hiked herself and the car to ride those tracks thirty times today, and with a late-night showing of Home Alone 2 on the couch, she’s beat.

When Dave walked outside as I tried to talk to him earlier, Evelyn said, “Mom, you can talk to me.” All I wanted to know was what size bowl he wanted, but her sweet face, batting eyelashes, and genuine concern for me is just too much at times.

She wants a mommy and a baby horse, an umbrella, shrinky dinks, and a car track from Santa Claus. I can’t wait to see her face opening them on Christmas Day.

A stair slide arrived in a giant cardboard box in the mail today. Neither Dave nor I had ordered it, so it was a surprise. But knowing Dave’s brother and his wife well, we knew it was likely them. (A bouncy castle with one hundred multi-colored balls showed up unannounced last year. Spoiler alert; It was them)

Isn’t picking up people from the airport the best? My parents are arriving home tomorrow after a five-week cruise down Africa’s coast, and I’m the one who gets to do the honors. I sure am looking forward to seeing them!

I rearranged the basement today, and it felt good. That the space was dark and uninviting meant, it’s usually a pass-through space to do laundry. So before today, we don’t hang out there much.

After taking to Facebook, I rejoined the Organization and Decluttering group, posted a picture of the space, then sat back and let the ideas flow in. And did they ever!

Rearrange. Lamps. Curtains. Throw rugs. Paint. Electric fireplace.

Although I’m not going to do all of them, I did move some lighting from upstairs down, rearranged furniture, and put up pictures. And I’m proud to say that the playroom is now a lovely space and one that I’m motivated to continue to improve.

But now I’m sore. It’s too late for a bath tonight, but perhaps tomorrow sometime. Thanks for dropping in. Please stay and see Evelyn’s first run down the track. Not to worry, we improved the ending’s abruptness.

Love, Jaclynn

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