Sugar And Spice

I remember reading that mastery comes after 10,000 hours of doing something. I know I mastered poker dealing, but what else?

Gardening. Counseling. Being a perfectionist

While cooking tortellini, Dave and Evelyn were making a gingerbread house out of stickers. When Evelyn placed a snowy patch on crooked, I got mildly agitated and said something critical. Later, I spoke to Dave about it, and he agreed that I’d been harsh and said, “I fought the urge to correct her myself. But it is her creation.”

Damn it and yuck. A gross feeling is rolling in my stomach like I’m the captain of the Titanic right after hitting the iceberg.

I want to be better. I need to be better.  

The fish tank’s low hum and bubbling noise are a lovely addition to the living room. What isn’t nice is watching the angel fish sit motionless in the corner of the tank, duh-nuh-nuhing in wait for the swordtail and ensuing chase. I expected it to be more relaxing.

I’m wet-headed, lounging on the couch after a much-needed bath. As the tub had filled, I placed hygiene items in handy spots and arranged them as if I were a realtor trying to make a sale. In doing so, I realized how I much I enjoy an inviting space.

The people of the online cribbage community are making me a better person. Practically every game starts with my opponent saying “good luck” and ends with a “good game.” Even though I am a bowl in a China shop competitively at trying to win, I’m confident I could develop more tact.

What a fun winter slash Christmas time this is turning out to be. A trip to Ashley Furniture to “look” led to Dave, Evelyn, and I fitting perfectly into an oversized chair that will be delivered Wednesday. 

I’m getting good ideas for New Year’s resolutions tonight from this post; I better start a list. 

I’m also interested in an extreme resolution, like eating in every hamburger joint in Washington or joining/starting a weekly board game group. We’ll see.

It’s National Maple Syrup Day. I am grateful for syrup, especially on french toast and pancakes. I don’t particularly appreciate that it is sticky, but it’s a small price for the sugary treat that can’t be beat.

I’ll chat with ya tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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