Get Out Of The Water!

Dear Jaclynn,

Write now because this is your time.

I prompt myself, but it doesn’t work.

Nothing is worth writing about tonight. Nothing inspires me. How does TC (one of favorite blog writers) write the way he does and not get in his head or distracted by the mundane? Or does he?

The zucchini bites appetizer I made (2 1/2 cups shredded zucchini, 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, three eggs, and panko bread crumbs) got high marks at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve. It was actually the cayenne aioli that brought the exquisite taste, but a Bites Part Deux with broccoli or spinach is on the menu tonight.

It’s hard to write. In the next room persistently crying is Evelyn. Is she tired, overstimulated from her first Christmas, or hungry? Whatever it is, my nervous system reacts as though I spotted a dorsal fin while treading water.

Speaking of, and likely the reason for, the shark metaphor. Did you hear about the woman from Bellingham that was eaten by a shark in Maui? I can’t fathom what it was like for her husband; snorkeling nearby and seeing the shark, swimming to shore to escape, not finding his wife, and then all the chaos with the rescue crews. What about when he returns to his house on Chuckanut Drive, how in the heck will he get through the day?

A situation like that haunts me. Out of the blue, I told Dave after opening presents, “I’m not snorkeling ever again. I’ve done it before. Maybe I’ll do it close to shore, but I’m good.” Without giving him context, I now know why his brow furrowed, and he said, “What are you talking about?”

It’s a friend’s first Christmas without his wife. I wrote a post earlier this year about her. The idea to email and check in with him has been floating in my mind. So, thanks to accountability from this post, I’ll take a minute and write him.

In the book, “52 Uncommon Family Adventures”, the first activity is writing a letter of gratitude to someone who’s had a positive presence in your life —the more specific the details. the better. I like it. Tomorrow I’ll pull out the stationery.

I pulled out the virtual reality headset yesterday but it got stolen by Evelyn. I’m playing “The Room” a game of Da Vinci Code-like puzzle scenarios. It’s super fun, and after months of not playing, I may need Google’s help to solve it. I better get on it!

Goodnight. Love, Jaclynn

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