Butterfly In The Sky

How enamoring are butterflies; their vulnerable fluttering, expansive display of color and the jaw-dropping carwash change from dull walkers to acrobatic artists.

Cinderella, the Ugly Duckling, She’s All That, and Grease. There’s nothing like a good ol’ transformation from rags to riches or fugly to beautimous that we can’t help but stand and slam our meat mitts together in ovation for.

Twenty five years later and I still feel the minimizing sting of a 7th grade softball award. Most improved. I know what it really meant: You were so bad that there’s no place other than up for you.

I digress.

I saw Puss N Boots on the big screen tonight, ate pho, and shared a Dairy Queen blizzard amongst my family. My goal of savoring the day went swimmingly. Especially cool was our stop by the music store to restring a 1920s Gibson banjolele my Dad gave us. The shop’s owner was impressed by the instrument’s real skin head and how well-kept it was. “Don’t get to see these everyday, the workmanship and attention to detail beats the crap of what gets put out today.”

Looking forward to hanging in on the wall and plucking its strings when it’s fixed up.

Time to get on with my night. I hope you’re doing well. Love, Jaclynn

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