Rain Rain Come Again

Winters snail slow pace is quickening, and soon we’ll all be peeking our cute wet noses out of hibernation.

Before sun up, a Northern Flicker jackhammered the shingles outside my bedroom window. Those spotted pastel-breasted dumb dumbs are territorial, so they return to the same spot each year. Yep, I awoke to this rapid pecking mate-attracting behavior last year too.

Don’t mind me, I’ll be in the basement’s quiet bedroom for the next month.

Evelyn’s nemesis, also known as our asshole Banty rooster, got picked up by a man in a graffiti’d car today. I’d listed one duck on Craigslist due to the less-than-ideal 6-3 female-to-male ratio (think rapey orgy), but last minute decided to throw in another drake and the chicken too.

Also duck related, as of today, instead of heading to the pasture to snack with the others, one of my lady ducks is staying in the coop to warm her eggs. She doesn’t seem to understand that I’m not interested in any more feathered friends, so don’t tell her this, but I swapped hers for a plastic play egg of Evelyn’s.

I’m of two minds on these cloudy gray, non-stop rainy days. First is a gloomy, dreary, depressed Eeyore thought of, “Oh bother.” But the other part of me says, “Woohoo!” – Vinyl records, a good book, and the soft glow of a fire are all this PNW girl ever needs.

Until now, I’ve written this post on Dave and my drive to the ocean. Now, I sit like a frog on the carpeted ground of our cabin, shins and forearms to the ground, ready to hop. It’s a welcome weekend off from parenting, with many of the positive rainy-day things I mentioned above.

Seeing our lights on, the neighbor, Cathy, and her boxer, Sam, stopped by to say a quick hello; we’ll head out on a beach walk in the morning. When leaving the rain picked up and she commented, “That’s Washington for ya. You better love it, or else you best be on your way.” I don’t know who she was talking to, maybe just gearing up for the walk, but either way, I got a chuckle at her coincidentally apropo thought.

Night, night. Love, Jaclynn

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