Self-Care Stuff

Harsh feelings are always around, but it’s nice knowing I have tools in the ol’ bag to work cooperatively with them.

I’m on the second of a five part series in a self-care newsletter and recently shared that changing “I feel ___” to “something in me feels ____ “ can shift our perspective on how big the feelings are.

Today’s lesson is about saying “Hello” to the bugger feelings and I’m definitely on board! Often in session, I ask clients if their feelings are acceptable, which is on par with what this exercise asks us; To acknowledge.

I noticed I’m already putting this to use! In thinking about a family session I’ve been stressing about, the thought of shaking its hand with a neighborly “How do you do?” made it instantly lighter.


I’ll get a badass night’s sleep if I sign out now. And that is exactly what I plan on doing.

Take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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