A Frayed Knot

I feel compelled to choke back my verbal vomit, but I won’t. I hate today; it’s a giant turd. I wish I could flush it down the toilet, instead it got stuck.

First, the therapist note requirements for insurance companies increased significantly. Next, Evelyn landed head-first on the tile floor – triggering my biggest fear of a brain stem injury. And last, I found moldy cat poo in the office, making me reconsider fostering.

Evelyn’s fine, just a quarter-sized robin egg blue raised knot.

It was taco Friday today, the third week of our new tradition. I outdid myself on the cabbage pico de gallo and the burnt Mexican rice.

My blog posts have taken a hit lately. Since starting to write my book again, I’ve struggled to balance this and it.

Did you know in two more days, it’s daylight savings? I’m indifferent. That winter’s slowed, comfortable pace will soon end is something I’m not ready for. Then again, the raised gardens we put in at summer’s end won’t be an unpleasant thing to transition to.

Chris Rock’s new stand-up is up next. The jibber-jabber I hear during small talk is that it’s well worth the watch. Well, watch it I shall.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope to see you again soon. Love, Jaclynn

PS. This post’s picture is from playing toys with Evelyn earlier. They’re from my childhood, and until recently were tucked away in storage. My grandma tucked a note in with them that said, “Save. These might be worth money some day”. I’m here to say, 30+ years later, they have not increased at all in value. Monetarily, that is.

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