Lie To Me

Life’s too grand of an adventure not to play with all the spices and cook with them well.

“Oh, she’s learning to be deceptive.” Dave filled me in on the details when he asked Evelyn where an unusual sound came from, “probyee, it was Mom.”

Her deceit is far from the criminal level, so for now, sneakiness and concealment are skills to hone, not shun or punish.

The parents of a 16-year-old client grounded them for having their partner stay the night while they were away. I thought it was a brilliant manipulation and said so, “But the real question,” I asked, “Was it worth it?” Their eyes moved from the floor, and then to mine, as they nodded while flashing me their biggest smile of the hour.

All this to say, I’d never lie to you. Never.


Love, Jaclynn

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