Action, Action, We Want Action

Dave Matthews Band’s “Crush” swirls its chill, head-bopping vibe in the room. An email notification slides at the top right of my computer screen, and I scan it and catch its drift. 

Another homeowner is able and willing to join the committee my husband Dave is spearheading to protect the waterways that run into the lake on which we live. Historically the lake has lost water annually, and from the email thread, people are concerned. In all the shared information, it seems like something to get lost in, or as Dave and I concluded, a time to start a committee!

We’ll host the first-ever Hidden Lake meeting at our home this weekend. Tea and crumpets, anyone?

I had an impromptu lunch date with my sister-in-law, and seeing her healthy and happy was so wonderful. I’m grateful I pushed passed the hesitant thought, “I’m not giving enough notification,” this morning and said, “What about today at noon?”

She’s a person I root for, so hearing she’s improved her life substantially makes me so happy.

After lunch I headed back to work, and sat with a 15-year-old client fearful of getting jumped at school. My question to her was, “How is the school’s principal planning to keep you safe?” After she shrugged, I told her to find out, and if their plan doesn’t feels good to her, that I’d happily step in.

I don’t know what I’ll do, but one thought is a strongly worded “anonymous” letter to the small town’s newspaper about our children’s right to safety in school.

My first try at a strongly worded letter was a major success directed at the Washington State Department of Health. In all the bull-fuckery they’d put me through to get my license, my supervisor said, “If you cc people in government when you reply to the department, aka the people who pay for their jobs, they’ll be sure listen.”

My license, that’d been pending for months, changed to active two hours later. As you can see, I like getting shit done. Because getting shit done is fun.

Love, Jaclynn

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