Solving School Shootings

I had a terrible thought born of wanting to solve a horrific situation. I won’t share my idea, but know it came after hearing of the children swinging, giggling, and having fantasies of their next sugar fix that were shot dead in Nashville.

I read and watched the video footage, and I feel as sick as our society is at its inability to solve school shootings.

I want to move my family to Vancouver, BC. My daughter is three, and next year she’ll be in a portable, aka glorified trailer, separated from the central school. I want to homeschool her. Our kids can’t go to school securely; are you fucking kidding me?

When a client brings up their concern with school shootings in a counseling session, I say yep, it’s fucked; we live with an ongoing, unsolved threat that is our standard.

I rarely vent because I know it doesn’t solve a damn thing. But what if there were a solution? It’d need to be complex and multi-faceted and require a large group of critical thinkers engaging in round table discussions, then working together with the NRA and government agencies to promote its wide-sweeping impact.

My search of “how to solve school shootings” and reading the articles were too simplistic, general, and insular. A real solution would be complex, specific, and applicable to society in its entirety.

I should draw up a proposal for a group like this; start it in my community. Then replicate it in others. Hm.

Love, Jaclynn

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