Razor Crazed

As I reluctantly dipped out of a fireside chat with Dave and his sister Cathy, I couldn’t help feeling like a child begging for one last trip down the slide. Our conversation was entertaining, covering everything from the recent death of Jerry Springer to the current season of Ted Lasso and Netflix’s policy changes. We even made plans to attend a Thunderbirds hockey game, go boating with our friends, and see the Super Mario Bros movie while Cathy is in town from Georgia.

Parenting has been challenging lately, but Dave and I have had some tough conversations and are past the worst of it. We’ve learned that being wishy-washy with our daughter can lead to meltdowns, so we’re trying to be more consistent in our approach.

Oh my gosh! I am so flipping excited to share; there is a Markur 33c safety razor en route to my house right now. Had you told me yesterday I’d be this excited about this purchase, I wouldn’t believe you.

So here’s the thing. After owning the latest model shavers – Venus, Gillette – and paying far too much for blades, I resorted to disposables. They work, but I also stored in a dingy attic in my brain the desire for a razor I could love again.

Enter the Markur. After a scour for the best razors, I came across the safety razor and went down its Reddit rabbit hole. Turns out there’s a cult following that’s alive and well, and now I’m a part of it!

I’m a little scared that I’ll turn into a newly shaving teenager again, nicking my knee and ankle area due to its sharpness. A woman commenter shared her love with a, “But do go slow at first.” Warning heeded, lady.

Finally, I’m in the process of replacing the chair in my office. A good friend is helping me by photoshopping different colored chairs into the space, and I’ll tally votes on the favorite tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures!

All the best,

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