Morning Mama

Sitting in front of the mirror with nothing but a strappy sports bra on, I use a flat iron to curl a section of hair and try to describe my appearance to myself. Weatheredlike a retired pro volleyball player. I’m not upset with my idea; I like how I look. Even though I’d prefer I work out, I haven’t, so when I stand, and see my upper abs looking strong, I feel powerful.

A female virtual client had a strappy sports bra in session yesterday evening, and my mind, I was like, “Right on.”

With the windows cracked and shades open, birdsong and the sun’s light ping out of bed easily at 5:45am. Because, well, it’s going to be a day! Eight am to seven pm with one break, ten clients; I got this. 

Clt was cooperative and motivated in the session. Clt had normal judgment and insight. They had a neat appearance and had normal speech and eye contact. As you can see, I’m filling out all the counseling “SOAP” sections so that I’m able beforehand.

I clicked “Have A Waitlist” on my Psychology Today profile too, a change from Accepting New Patients. I have three new starting this week, with two on a waitlist. Just like the judges on The Voice say: “My team is full!” 

Back to notes, starting with my 8 am, I leave prompts for myself to fill after sessions: Clt’s self-care routine has improved due to _______ .Clt’s maintaining balance is __________.

Insurance companies need specifics, action items, goals, revisiting goals, and improvements. If I believed insurance companies cared about my patient’s well-being, I’d probably be less resistant to this part, but for now, it’s a cover my ass and my patient’s ass so we continue to get funding. 

A screenless window is open in our house, and one cat is missing. Again. Was this window open all night? Did the call of the wild tempt the feline into its depths? I don’t know. With very little time remaining with these cats, I need my wonderfully doting husband to open only screened windows.

He’s asleep but will get the “Be better, Dave” talk soon. 

My lovely friend sent me this meme. (She’s up early too!)

Kristen: This is going to be us please.
Me: Are we holding hands?!
Kristen: Yah. Them rocks be slippery. Can’t twist an ankle at that age.
Me: I like our forearm’s flabby skin dimples.

I need to call her. Working at Western State Psychiatric Hospital has been challenging for her, with several assaults between patients and between patients and providers her ward has been at a peak stress level. Thankfully, nothing has happened during her watch, but still, it’s impacting her.

My daughter’s up and sees the caramel/cheddar popcorn bag, “Can I have one – no – two?” I say yes, and she flaps her arms up and down like a bird: kids and their excitement, it’s such a physical response. 

I go to look for the cat one last time before I leave for work, and I am mesmerized. Seeing the sun shining through the sea of dew drops on grass blade tips is beautiful. I return to the house, and the bustle of activity of Dave, Archie, and Evelyn means the house is up and moving. 

And the cat’s back! A beep-bop in through the window and it’s downstairs. Yay! But sorry girl, you missed breakfast.

I am a morning writer today, which is a rarity, but a supportive move on my part. I’ll appreciate it this evening when my only focus is on food, family, and feet-up time.

Have a great day! Love, Jaclynn

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