Navigating Change

Life is never about simple choices.

I could have sworn the “Tea with Mom” at Evelyn’s school wasn’t for another week, and had I blocked out the time, I wouldn’t be in this position.

“I’m not a bad mom, right?” The choice not to reschedule my 3 pm and 4 pm sessions on Thursday has me feeling guilty. Dave says I’m 2% bad. But when tears form, he retracts his statement and tells me he’s joking. You’re a good mom, he says, and I believe him.

Thankfully Grandma is a Facetime away and will happily fill the spot. I’m upset I’ll miss a special moment, but what moment isn’t special?

In the present, everything seems so significant. And yet when a photo notification from a year or two ago pops up, and it’s Evelyn and me at the ocean, a park, or an event together, I’m aware of all the time we’ve shared and do share, and I know it’s enough.

I’m enough; is that what I’m really saying?

On the horizon is my need for an 80s prom dress. I am calling all sequins and poofy shoulder-padded dresses to the front and center! You heard that right! My friend’s 40th birthday is happening at a themed concert venue in less than two weeks. Having very few reasons to dress up these days, I’ll take what I can get. Also, if I’m unimpressed by the cost (how could it be more than $1?!), it’ll double as a Halloween costume.

It’s another ram and jam week. And however much insurance needs are a pain in my patootie, having well-written and updated treatment plans assure in case of an audit, all goes smoothly. Therefore I’m setting aside time in sessions to tend to them.

I’m looking forward to a great week. Thanks for dropping by.

Love, Jaclynn

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