No Words

I used to dream of supporting myself in private practice. I thought it’d be so cool to make a living at doing what I love. I worked at a casino to pay my bills for years while therapy barely paid for gas. Eventually, I transitioned to a group practice and was able to leave the casino for good, and although I was making a living doing what I loved, it was still for someone else.

After crunching the income and expense data for last year and creating a projection for this year, I realized something. I did it; I attained my goal. And you want to know something else? Not only will I be supporting myself on this income, but my family as well. Isn’t it fantastic when a dream gets realized?

To shift topics, I want to discuss something that’s even more important to me: my stepmother Paula’s experience with breast cancer. After receiving a diagnosis early last year, she had a mastectomy and radiation. For me, it was terrifying because it all happened so fast to someone I love and care for very much.

The next step would have been breast reconstruction. Paula called earlier to share her decision not to go through with it. She thought about the risk of infection and the future surgeries and decided the cost wasn’t worth it.

I can’t say why, but I had this overwhelming feeling of pride. I just felt honored to be even having the conversation, and to know her. And also got this sense that if something similar should happen to me in the future, I could handle it. Ya know? Like I’d be ok.

I guess what I most want to say is, I’m grateful. So very, very appreciative.

And in other good news, I kicked ass in poker tonight. That’s all.

Love ya,


2 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Congrats on finally making it! That’s a hell of an achievement. I’m grateful to see all the progress you’ve made after all you’ve gotten me through. You and your aunt are very strong people.


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