Dumb Dumbery

I’m in a weird spot this evening. It feels like a cross between bored, unsettled, and antsy – I’ll call it bordsettling.

Did you know I like to create words? It’s as though while flipping through the word Rolodex in my mind, a page falls out, gets stepped on, smudged, and I try to read it.

While hiking, I mashed up the word traverse and careen? (who knows exactly?!) But to this day, my friend Kristen and I use it to indicate moving across precarious landscapes. Ladies and gentlemen, the word…Travening. **Insert bow.

Sorry teacher, I’m breaking rules tonight! The autocorrect in Grammarly DOES NOT like this blog article. Too bad I’m going to crumple up the paper’s advice, with all its underlined misspellings and red highlighted words, and slam dunk it into the trash.

Anyway, the idea to get trained in EFT (Emotional Focused Therapy) came up in my mind earlier. I received an inquiry from a potential client for couples counseling, and after I declined it because it’s not my specialty, I thought, “But it could be.”

What I love about the EFT is the in-the-moment attunement that takes place; to people’s body language, vocal tone, and subtle non-verbal behaviors. And even though it’s subtle, it’s mighty!

I recall an old colleague of mine, who worked as a Clinical Psychologist for decades, who went to EFT therapy with his wife. He told how they “stayed in it,” even after the session, talking for several hours in the car afterward using the techniques they learned.

Hearing of the shift this therapy created in their relationship never left me, so I make sure to recommend EFT to anyone interested.

I think that’s it for tonight. Well, except you should also know, I lost a hand in a higher stake game tonight. I gambled when I usually wouldn’t. Why did I do that? Maybe because the payoff would have been great. Or perhaps it was because I’d gotten impatient. Whatever the reason, I was not too fond of the feeling when I logged off with my tail between my legs.

I’m in poker jail now (I’m restricting myself to the smaller game). Or, wait for a second…I have another thought. I should go back to the big game and go big again. Yep. That’s it. That’s what I’ll do.

Thanks for being here. Love you much.
Love always,

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