Turning Back Time

Evolving our thinking, the mission of this blog can come in unexpected and fun ways. For example: at the mini-class reunion I went to this weekend.

So for months, I talked myself in and out of going, mainly because I minimized the relationships I had formed with the people who’d be attending. I don’t know why I did this. But ultimately, it was the support of my husband that led me to book a hotel with a sigh, “it’s only for a night.”

At 4:00 pm, I arrived at a bar, “The Tav,” which my friends and I often frequented during college. I felt wary and nervous at traveling straight into the heart of memory lane. Within minutes, I was seated with my liquid courage, and after a few more minutes, the table was full of old friends.

The small talk lasted only until the beer kicked in, and then the collective recollecting and storytelling began. It was nice. Together we sculpted our past and, telling of the people we were and are now.

Eight hours later, I slammed a cheesy beefy burrito from Taco Bell into my mouth and shook my head at how well we’d reenacted our college days; bar-hopping, Washington apple shots, and dancing.

So, what does this have to do with the evolution of thought? For the longest time, I judged and hated who I was, and even though I have come far, there are still stones left unturned from the past. This weekend provided space for me to reinterpret my story.

Doing so meant meeting questions about my past behaviors with compassion and voicing the pain I felt then. And most importantly, I was heard and seen, and understood.

All of that, this to say, going back in time was so worth it. Even though it meant pushing through fears and insecurities, I know it was worth it.


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