Fave Foodies

I’m too competitive. Do you know how many times I’ve been told this? What matters now is that I beat the crap out of Dave in a board game last night. The score? 71-41! (If you’re interested, the game’s called Duel. It’s surprisingly fun and a complex game only being for two players.)

I mentioned in the last blog we were going to visit the dead whale on the beach. And we did. I’m here to say death is not for the faint of heart. On full display were the whale’s tongue, guts, and penis.

Someone had already taken slices out, likely researchers, exposing the whale’s five-inch thick blubber. I touched it. Not the fat, but the skin. I anticipated a hard plastic-like consistency, but instead, it was squishy and had give to it like a pillowtop mattress.

In other news, my goal to declutter and organize every room in the house is at a standstill. My current nemesis space is a catch-all room filled with crafts, sentimental items, luggage, wrapping paper, a printer, clothes to be donated, a desk, and essential documents.

I think it’s the chaos of it all that makes me feel like a failure even before I’ve begun. Isn’t it amazing how clutter can get interwoven into our sense of self and well-being?

So, my first step in decluttering is getting everything out. And I mean everything! Although it’s daunting to think about, I know how much I love step two – cleaning. There’s nothing like vacuuming, dusting, and soaping up an area to create a blank canvas to start anew on.

Well, shoot. Now that I have a path forward, I ought to get started.

Oh, one more thing! I finished “Greenlights,” the book by Matthew McConaughey I told you about here. Anyway, it got better! Like, a lot better.

My goal is to read 60 books by the end of the year. I’m sure I’ll have something to say from time to time so I need to start a rating scale.

The five-star scale is overdone, and that it’s just numbers is boring.

How about this? I’ll rate them by my favorite foods.

Seafood Fettucine Alfredo. “It’s the I can’t breathe between words, shoveling it in mind, bomber than bombastic kind of book!”

Pizza Hut’s Extra-cheese pizza. “It’s dang good, as I expected it would be. It never disappoints, but does it culinarily inspire me to better? Nah. It’s dependable, nothing more, nothing less.”

Meatloaf. “Did you think while throwing things together here? It’s kind of a book and kind of a mash-up of crap. Do better meatloaf, and someday you could be a prime rib!” (Also, RIP buddy)

Chinese Buffet (the cheap ones). As my Dad always says, “It’ll make a poop,” but shouldn’t you pay me for reading this crap?

Once again our time together has come to an end. That said, I’m looking forward to sharing my decluttering progress soon. How’s that for accountability?



2 thoughts on “Fave Foodies

  1. You are funny and wise.
    You know Mom Debbie was a clean freak! I use to get more kudos for cleaning than for good grades! Just saying that stuff stays with us!
    Love you Jaclynn!❤️


    1. Thank you. That she was! I remember after she died, the rag by the kitchen sink dried up. For months after, I’d wet it. Not because I cleaned up with it, but because it felt right when it was wet. I love you too Toni, and I hope we can get together soon.


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