8-Bit Livin

Do you know how many ideas fly through my mind about what to write in this space in a day? 

The day’s coming when I’ll turn into something akin to a seasoned comedian. You know the kind. The ones that ask for a pen from the waiter so that they can then jot down a word or phrase. Onto their slightly perspirated napkin, they’ll write, the ink will bleed, and paper will rip, and they’ll shove it in the carelessly into the back of their denim jeans. And then, weeks later, the jeans will be pulled from the to-be-washed pile and the crumpled reminder will represent a fleeting idea, nothing that matters all too much now, but then, yes then! It really was something.

So, in no particular order, these are the things I wanted to tell you today.

-That my birth father isn’t an oyster farmer like I thought. He lives on the same road as the farm, and for whatever reason, this information disappointed me.

-That intention is key; in every role we inhabit. That it’s essential that I to ask what my purpose is; as a wife, as a mother, as a sister, as an aunt, as a therapist, as a writer. And so on. 

-That I heard ducks chatting it up so loudly in the pond, I knew spring was coming. 

-That Evelyn’s potty training failures and successes are hers and hers alone, and that it’s hard not to take them on as my own.

-That I wrote almost a page and deleted it because, well, not everything can make the final cut. 

-That if 30-year-old Jaclynn glimpsed her life at 40, she’d fall to the ground in disbelief and relief from knowing that it’d turn out better than she dreamed.

-I also want you to know that as soon as it warms up another 10 degrees, that dang garage is on the chopping block to get decluttered and organized.

Today and tomorrow are long days with clients. I might be more insightful and entertaining and all the things you know and love this weekend. Not tonight. Tonight is a bit of writing, a few holes of golf on regular Nintendo with Dave, and a bit of percentage gained in “House on the Cerulean Sea” on my Kindle. I was thinking today that the book is in the running to be an Extra-Cheese Pizza rating. We shall see.

Good night and love ya.


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