Faily Fool

As promised, I’ll tell you the inspiration for yesterday’s blog, “Gumping for Goy.”

So while swapping charming toddlers’ stories between myself, Dave, and our friend Jeff – Jeff mentioned how his four-year-old nephew can’t pronounce J’s and that instead they’re G’s; so as you may have guessed this means Uncle Jeff is Uncle Geff.

I forget what it was exactly that Jeff said to his nephew, but whatever it was led to his nephew saying, “Uncle Geff. I’m so excited about that, I’m gumping for goy!” Pretty cute, eh?

Anyway, accountability check. I have another thirty minutes left of my podcast to edit before posting it. I’m pretty excited at the prospect of finishing it. Not only because I’ll be able to play virtual poker again, but because I feel a certain amount of guilt at having taken so long to do it. That it’s not only me but two of my good friends and another person involved makes it all the more pressing.

Side note: Have I told you about the budgeting system we created for our household?

Well, it’s fantastic, and I am in love. So in love, I now don’t want Dave to die. I mean, I never wanted him to die, but especially now because who in their right mind would be so weirdly and joyfully anal and on top of daily allowances like we are together?

Anyway, the reason I love budgeting so much is because of accountability.

I had an interesting conversation with a client on this topic, someone I’ve chatted with multiple times about their health goals, and who can’t seem to make any progress on them.

“That all you know is a failure,” I told him, “we need to change things up. What do you say we only talk about success for the next thirty minutes.” He agreed, and away we went.

Well, not even five minutes into our agreement, he expressed guilt over his past mess-ups, and the ol’ failure spiral had his eyes spinning in circles like a cartoon character.

“You’re not doing that. Remember? Only success.” 

Then he was out of the trance, and off – bouncing and boinging on a springboard into the problem-solving pool where he blew bubbles and backstroked in only solution-focused ideas.  

And it was awesome.

By the end, he had a concrete plan for success that he now feels hopeful about.

I’ll update you on him in a month. But really though, isn’t being a counselor the coolest?

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a rad weekend. See you tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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