Did you catch the thrilling action between Norway and Sweden on the icy curling mccurling court?

No, well, shame on you!

The intensity of the sweeps and the focused throw of stones was unlike anything that’s come before. Although Sweden was behind, and Norway had the hammer, can you believe it, Sweden prevailed?!

But still, what’s on the bottom of their shoes?

Is it a soft velvet, or perhaps rubber? And their brooms; Is it a similar velvet to their shoes, or is it rougher?

A silly thought; when these curlers come home after a long day of curling practice of sweeping the ice, do they come home to, “Oh, sure you’re an Olympian, but what about these floors?”

I’m a little drunk. Two homemade sangrias, very yummy, sorry for any grammatical errors.

Anyway, I thought about an old friend today. She’s someone I’ve been close with since 2010 – we dealt poker together – but now, since covid, our relationship has changed. She’s into conspiracy theories – Michelle Obama is a man, and Qanon prophesies – and she’s isolating.

Since that, it’s been a challenge being her friend, and I can’t help but wonder, is this the end?

And because of this, I thought about healing old wounds and how there are situations that have left me bitter and resentful.

Since I don’t want to continue this way, I decided to list the unforgivable things people have done to gain context and help me process them.

I did so, yet had a question mark; will doing this bring me the peace and resolve I’m seeking.

Since I don’t know, maybe more wine is in the cards for tonight.

I’ll check back with progress tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love, Me

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