Duck, duck, goose!

I got a duck, sold a trailer, made an incredible poblano cheese dip, and yes, you heard that right – I got a duck!

You want the deets, don’t you? Well, let me tell you all about it.

While visiting our neighbor’s place I saw one of their ducks repeatedly being attacked by the other chickens and ducks in the henhouse. I know pecking order is a thing and all, but man, is it ever hard to watch.

Then the conversation ends and we leave and I start to work in the yard mowing a patch of grass and pulling out ouchy, spiny weeds.

The duck? I thought nothing more of it.


During a break from my yard work, I remember that I want to make sure the neighbors are cool with our using their property to put our canoe in the water for its maiden voyage.

So I head back over.

Approaching, I see a duck in my neighbor’s arms. I notice it’s the same one I pointed out earlier, so I ask him if it’ll bite, get laughed at, and begin to use the top of my hand to caress its head and neck. It was soft as rabbit’s fur.

I halfway listen to them contemplating what to do with it while I pet and whisper sweet nothings into the duck’s ear.

“Those other birds will eventually kill it.” Hearing these words snaps me to attention and wild thoughts start form.

“So, you could, would you get rid of it, I mean, could we have it?” My eyes bounce back and forth between their faces. They both nod. “That would be an answer to our prayers”.

I say hold on and run myself home. I enter, walk right up to Dave and then ask him how much he loves me.

He says a lot. I say good. He asks what’s up, sensing I’m about to ask him something out of left field. I tell him I want a duck from next door, and that it’ll die if we don’t take it. He proceeds to give me that look he does, but not the for sure no-look, but the damn it, I’m kinda a sucker for the underdog look.

So everyone, meet Marilyn. The duck they originally thought was a girl that is actually a boy.

We’re currently investigating alternate names.

Love ya! Jaclynn

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