Wheelin’ By Night

Allowing myself a peaceful transition before I start to write is meditative and helps shake away the busy, chaotic thoughts and feelings of the day. So I breathe, settle, and ask myself a few times what matters most, and what do I want to share?

We’re in the car driving s-turns on the final stretch to the ocean. A car is on our ass, and Billie, the hamster, is experiencing potholes, unexpected braking, and the scent of Taco Bell for the first time in her little, super fast heartbeat of a life.

Dave’s right; we need a “Billie on Board” sticker.

I love driving over here at night. Without any light pollution the stars get a chance to share their brilliance, well, except for when the clouds are overhead, which is often.

I also enjoy seeing the evolution of Evelyn at the beach. From being carried in a sling, to a backpack, to crawling and kicking up mud, to playing with sand, and to recently using sticks as tools, balancing on driftwood, and poorly outrunning the tide so that her Dad and I have to pick her up and run her to higher ground.

I heard the squeak of Billie’s wheel startup. What a champ she is – exercising on the road?! But yes, you’re right, I still haven’t gotten to WD-40ing that dang thing.

Now we’re on the final stretch as we’ve just passed the turn-off to Ocean Shores. Often there are touristy things to do in that town, so fingers crossed there’s something exciting to do this weekend.

Oooh, a little Teenage Wasteland (that’s not the real title) by The Who to take us home to. I dig it.

Night, night! Love, Jaclynn

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