Hold Me Close

Do you ever learn something about yourself, something not so positive, and don’t quite know how to feel about it?

Since I desire to work with couples, I am taking a seminar during my downtime on emotionally-focused therapy.

Initially, I felt jazzed about the content, learning ways to reframe problems between couples and how to create a road map of understanding for myself in the counseling process.

However, with becoming more clear about what security looks like in a relationship, my mind has started bouncing around like an out-of-control pogo stick to all the times I’ve failed at doing this in my life.

Not to worry, I’m used to my mind wandering away like this. A little like old Harry in “A Bug’s Life“.

But, like I told my 5 pm appointment today, “As you reflect on the past, remember, you didn’t know what you know now; so be easy and kind to yourself.”

Not to brag, but I’m such a damn good therapist; I use all my own advice on myself. (Now, that’ll make a good t-shirt!)

Well, I’m excited to dive into reading. I’ll keep you in the loop on any other sweet findings from the couple’s counseling training.

Love, Jaclynn

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